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This few weeks changed a lot in Dorian’s life. Of course all the plans about him being Derby’s personal doctor were forgotten. Now Count Bergman, owner of Chateau de Perinion ans new favorite chevalier of his majesty Louis himself, was the biggest gossip in society. 
All his fears of family life faded as soon as Mrs. Morgan’s private plane landed in Paris. She would stay up almost all night, writing hundreds of letters to some people, who’s names Dorian could barely manage to remember. She introduced him to everyone, who was even tiny bit important in her opinion, she ordered best furniture, dishes and fabrics from all over the world, controlled house renovation and never forget give him a small gift like brand new suit or emerald ring between all that.
They slept and lived in a ballroom, since the only furnished guestroom been occupied by adjutant Shale. At first Dorian thought that he might be a problem, but to his big surprise they found lots of common interest and even played gold every single morning.
"Hey there, sleeping beauty." - Dorian said, walking into the ballroom - bedroom - “It’s almost noon, Mrs. Morgan, how long can you sleep?”
"I went to bed only four hours ago…have some mercy, Cheri."
"I told you, you shouldn’t be working that much. You’re taking it too hard on yourself…"
"I don’t choose work, work chooses me. Someone gotta do it… we need to finish this house before the Christmas ball."
"You planning to host a Christmas party?"
"No, you planning to host a party and invite his majesty and his sister. I’m nobody here, remember?"
"Don’t say that…you make it sounds like I’m some dirty abusive moron, who only wants to steal your money."
"You’re worse, baby, you didn’t steel my money, but you steel my heart. But that’s exactly why I love you…"

Ladies enjoying new game features…

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I wish there were more basic clothes… Like H&M style simple casual stuff. Latest CC is so great quality and so well made, but like only 5% of it age appropriate for my ladies… *hides back in game*

Spend about an hour in CAS, trying to give Derby new outfit and hair…close the game, goes on a CC hunt instead…happens every single time >_<


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Juliette, Derby’s daughter

Johanna | Tiara | Letty

"I wonder what my baby-boy and Derby are doing right now…"
"Well, surely not eating some crappy hot-dogs and risking get sunstroke…"
"I told you, you should’ve take that burger instead. And for god’s sake, stop overreacting! We can’t go to Paris right now!"
"Because Theodore is there, and it won’t be that bad if Salvatore and Nikolas won’t be there too! They can’t see me, or there will be duels, blood and drama."
"That’s why I never bother to date those ‘men of honor’! So what are you saying? We stuck here forever?"
"Not forever, just for a month or so… And I promise, it will be fun! We just gotta go do some exploration, they gotta have some hotties here!"
"You don’t have enough yet?"
"But they there and I’m here… and then you two need some fun as well! So cut depressive bullshit and let’s go on a hunt for some nice sassy man ass!"
"I agree! You can never go wrong with that!"
"So it’s two against one…whatever, fine! But if you’ll get in trouble I won’t be saving your slutty asses!"
"Huh! Like we ever got in trouble!"

Johanna | Letty | Tiara

"Joe, honey, are you sure that it was a good idea to come here?"
"Relax, Phil said that this place is heaven and shit!"
"Well…at least he didn’t lie about shit…"
"C’mon, it’s gonna be fun! It’s like a few month long slumber party!"
"You’re almost sixty, sweetheart…"
"Who the hell is Phil? Do I know him?"
"Admiral Philippe de Lis, I’m sure you’ve heard about him…"
"Holy shit!"
"Hey, does this place has rats?"
"There’s always rats on a boats, they supposed to show you when the shit is going down and you have to jump overboard to save your ass."
"There’s no way I’m jumping anywhere in these louboutins, I’d better die in them!"
"Don’t be so dramatic, ladies! Be happy that Phil isn’t here, or we would be screwed… and not once…"
"Dear Lord! Is he single?"
"Widowed…five times. He’s a piece of work, I’d say, but he’s a nice pal, you know."
"You’re weird, honey."
"And I think that sounds pretty hot…man with a dramatic past! So romantic!"

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- Shale, darling, are you sure that you should be wearing those boxers to feed the bees? Seduction act fail xD

- Dorian thinks only about his new golf field and nothing else… He looks pretty hot while playing tho’

- New family memeber Killer - the horse. He’s an elder from a shelter.

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I need a small custom world to play IP (with houseboats) ;___; I searched entire MySims3 blog and directory on the official forums, but I don’t see one cuz apparently I’m blind and it’s almost 5 am  But if someone know one…even empty…