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- 8 -

"Enjoying my little gift, huh?"

"You’re really lucky that you’re already dead, because otherwise I would rip your head off."

"I’ll take it as a ‘yes’."

"How many times should I tell you, that my love life is none of your business."

"Is that so? Maybe I will believe that, when your precious puppets will stop showing up on my doorstep and begging for help. You know, that I can’t say ‘no’ to a man in need, that’s my weakness… But we have more important things to talk about right now."

"What’s the matter?"

"I think I found a trace of our burglar, you might want to see it for yourself…"

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"Stop being so dramatic, mate. It’s not like she exactly forced you to leave…"

"But she didn’t stop me."

"Maybe she was confused…you know, crazy ex dropped by all out of sudden and stumbled upon a guy, who she just met…"

"So what are you saying?"

"Give her a chance to explain, I mean it’s not like you’ve got too much to lose."

"You want me to go back? And what if that fella some sort of homicidal maniac, who will try to murder her out of jealousy or something…"

"Dude, I’m afraid that the only homicidal maniac in this story is her… According to the gossips, she’s some kind of daddy’s personal pitbull. Damn, that woman can walk in during council of war and tell everyone to suck their own dick…just saying…"

"She did that?"

"That’s what the rumors say… Look, I used to work for her father and I can say for sure, only a madman will decide to stand on a way of that family, so her safety is the last thing you should worry about. Go home, sleep it off and then just give her a call or something. Be a man! It’s not an end of the world. Maybe she doesn’t  even love that guy."

"And what if she does?"

"Well, there’s only one way to find out…"

"What do you mean ‘it’s not just about the money’? You’re not trying to say that you’ve got a crush on that Alice in midlife-crisis-land!?"

"And what if I really do like her?"

"Man, are you sure you’re the real Beau and not some crazy doppelganger!?"

"This is not funny, bro."

"I’m sorry. But damn… since when did you become a romantic? What happened to the good old ‘bachelor forever’ theory?"

"I don’t know…she’s just different, man. I always thought that women are dumb and annoying, but she’s not like that…"

"She’s a daughter and a heiress to a man who lead some weird world-dominating political sect! And she’s old enough to be your mother!"

"You’re not helping…"

"I’m just trying to see if there any common sense left…"

"It wasn’t a problem when you wanted me to seduce her, so we can get loaded with the money."

"That’s not the same…"

"So what? You gonna sit here and judge me now or you gonna help?"

"Of course, I’m gonna help! Even though I have no clue with what… I mean, what’s your plan? I hope not sneak into Ernest’s house at night and murder him with your bare hands, because this is a terrible idea."

"I don’t want to murder anyone….yet, but I can’t just sit here and let him take away all the chances."

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"Ernest Stuart, huh? I’ve heard that name before…"

"You know this guy?"

"Not in person, but I heard that story from one of my…trusted sources. You have no idea how handy it is to get along with women from Imperial Theater, that place is a sanctuary of gossips."

"I bet it is…so what about that moron? Is he really her fiance?"

"At least, he used to be… That story was a big scandal back in the day. I don’t know exactly how they met, but that time Ernest was sixteen, an orphan. However about six month later he was the biggest news of society, all ‘out of sudden’ most wanted guest of all VIP parties, riding brand new sports car, throwing money here and there. Colette introduced him as her ‘protégé’, however it didn’t stop them from making out in public and all that stuff… She pulled some strings and got him career at the Embassy, bought him a mansion, as far as heard even the Emperor himself became very fond of him. When he was nineteen, they got engaged, but year later he suddenly married Anna, chamberlain’s daughter, seventeen year old girl, pretty, shy, virgin, all that good stuff… She’s still his wife as far as I know…"

"He didn’t look like a married man to me…"

"That’s easy to check, I’m sure Catherine will know about that. But I spoke with her just yesterday, right before you went ‘on a mission’, I’m sure she would’ve mentioned such an important moment."

"Then where the hell this ‘Jack in a box’ came from!?"

"Jeez man, don’t be so nervous! We’ll figure it out. I’m pretty sad to think that we can lost all the money, but after all she’s not the only rich old and lonely lady out there."

"It’s not just about the money, man…"

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- 7 - 

"What’s the matter, man?"

"What’s the matter!? You’re a goddamn dick - that’s the matter!"

"Whoa, slow down, mate! I haven’t done anything, I just woke up few hours ago, listened to that voicemail you left me and came here as soon as I can. Is something went wrong with out granny?"

"She’s not ‘granny’ and she’s not our! Damn it, man, you think it was funny? How could you forget to mention that she has a fiance!?"

"Fiance? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I’m talking about that sassy blond moron, who kicked my ass out of her house!"

"I swear, she was absolutely single last time I’ve checked! Just calm down and tell everything from the start…"

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"There, there… I’m afraid, if you won’t stop crying now, we’re gonna drown in ocean of your tears… It was just a shot, it couldn’t hurt that bad…"

"It’s not why I’m crying, you idiot…"


"Why did you came back? Why did you have to ruin everything? I made everything right! I gave you everything you deserved and you’re making me doing the same mistakes again!"

"I was the one, who made a mistake. I should have married you straight away, before everything went wrong, the first year I met you."

"You couldn’t marry me when you met me, because you were barely seventeen and I was forty seven! Our relationships was a crime from the start. I crossed the rules and I paid for what I’ve done!"

"Fuck the rules! We’ll make our own! Isn’t that what you always told me? That the only game I have to play is my own? I don’t give a damn about morals!"

"It’s not about morals, it’s about your life, you fool!"

"You’re my life! I need the world with you in it, or I don’t need it at all, damn it! Don’t try to make me a victim, I had my chances and I made my choices. You didn’t make me come back here, it was my intention, so stop protecting me, for I’m just like you and we’re in it together!"

"I wish it could be that simple…"

"It will be! I’ll make it simple."

"And what am I supposed to do?"

"First of all, go get dressed and have a lunch with me… and then… just for once enjoy something, you really deserve."

"I told you, I can take care about myself, I just need to take a nap, that’s all… And I didn’t let you stay yet…"

"Yeah and that kiss was a great proof that you want to kick me out, huh? You never been a good liar, you want me to stay, just admit that already."

"I don’t know what I want anymore… but the only thing I don’t want for sure is more chemicals in my body…Seriously, I’m fine!"

"Oh, I almost forgot that you’re such a crybaby. I guess these four years with Anna really spoiled me. Since she got pregnant, there’re always doctors and nurses around the house and she never complain or whine, she just takes all that comes her way with that sad little smile of hers. You have no idea how much I hate it."

"I’m not a crybaby!"

"Then stop shaking, I haven’t done anything to you yet! C’mon, it’s not going to be that bad…"

"Is pointing out my flaws is a special pleasure to you?"

"Your flaws - my treasures."

"Jerk…" *whimpering, sobbing*


*leaning on his shoulder* "Why am I letting you do this? Why don’t I just throw you out of this house? What kind of a woman am I? I made poor angelic girl marry you and now when you’re a center of her world, I’m about to take you away… I’m such a monster…"

"You’re the most beautiful monster I’ve ever met, ma cherie. And you can’t take me away from Anna, for I never belonged to anyone, but you."

"For the last time, I’m asking you, please, leave… You know it’s not easy for me to resist, but I know the outcome, I will hurt you eventually and I don’t want to do it…"

"Isn’t that what’s love is all about? Hurting each other and then drowning in misery together? Everyone who love is a masochist, you said that yourself once."

"I don’t want to do the same mistake again. When I let you go, I did what’s best for both of us…"

"Is it really? Yes, I’m a rich man now, I have everything I ever dreamed about, there are hundreds of people who would die to become me just for one single day and yet I hate every minute of my life. And I should say, you don’t look that well either… You’re doing your hardcore drugs again."

"How do you know that?"

"C’mon, I know you too well. And I also know that you want me in your life. Stop playing a hero, you never been and never will be one, for you’re a perfect villain. You bear so many sins, that it almost makes you a saint."

"An angel with bleeding wings and rotten heart… I remember, you used to call me that."

"See, you wouldn’t remember if you didn’t love me. Stop fighting with yourself, we both made mistakes… I shouldn’t have marry Anna, I shouldn’t have marry anyone, but you and you should’ve never force me to do it. But I’m here now and this time I know how to make everything right."

"You call it right?"

"Everything that seems wrong is right, and everything that seems right is wrong…"

"I feel like I already heard this somewhere today…"

"Let me guess…From that imaginary monster-friend of yours? So you’re still chasing the rabbits down the hole, huh? Some things never change… You know what’s your problem? You want to save everyone, when you should be saving yourself. You always needed someone to care for you, but you never wanted to admit it."

"I can care about myself…"

"I won’t be so sure about that…"

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