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Back from the junkyard to take a nice (and probably cold as fuck) shower. Just look at all those goodies we scored! Toussaint doesn’t share my excitement and runs to the toilet…probably overwhelmed by the scent of all the memories from his last adventure… Well, no one said that life always smells like roses, bro…

He spends evening in his garden…ahm, sorry, future plantation and gets an invitation to give presentation at the business office next day…probably about dumpster diving…or about stealing from community gardens…

Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3



I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

Sticking with it for the foreseeable future!

Still not planning to drop TS2 or TS3, even if I will play TS4 some day!

Toussaint discovered dumpster diving! I had no idea that you can find so much shit in dumpsters! He even doesn’t seems to be bothered this time and jumps straight in

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Finally loaded my game tonight so expect Toussaint spam later on today. I have so much fun with this save! I have no idea how to do 90% of the things in this game, because usually I do decorating, posing and storytelling. Lol, I guess I should call it ‘watch me suck at TS3’ xD

But yeah… Toussaint decided to plan a grape garden! We don’t plant anything else, only grape, that’s supposed to be a great wine plantation…maybe…some day…

Found some TS2 gameplay leftovers on my drafts…

Sorry for being a bit MIA last days, I’ve been procrastinating xD Also I feel a bit down with my writing lately, I love to write, but I hate these moments when it starts to feel more like a job. It’s more like ‘I have to write anything, just to get it done’. So maybe I should take a bit of vacation from it and just play around with Toussaint and my gameplay save next week…

And yeah…selfie Sunday on actual Sunday… ignore my busted lip, shit happens, get over it

Also a friendly reminder: I’m terrible in answering inbox messages, so feel free to send me your Skype name and bother me all you want there. I always reply to my Skype messages even if I wasn’t around when you send them. Don’t get me wrong, I love asks and fanmail, I just feel like an asshole when I lose them or forget to answer.

Third day…last chance to pay that damn 3 simoleons bill… I remember that you can make money by fishing, but apparently Toussaint knows about fishing even less than I do… However he spotted a very hot blond chick, who turned out to be a pretty old lady once she took off her sunglasses. Well, even better. She’s married, but who cares…we’ve got dem bills to pay!

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From the library window spotted a crowd of locals protesting against robbery (probably complaining about that asshole who cleaned out community gardens last night). Toussaint goes with the idea “just smile and wave” and jumps on tribune to take over the crowd. (don’t forget to call the hobo-friend to brag about it afterwards). He wanted to finish his performance with a ground mural, but police doesn’t seem to appreciate it. Got taxed for 1000 simoleons…payed 10, good job buddy…but now we have nothing to pay our damn bills…

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Heading to the library to get some skills, since he has only 10 simoleons, so no bookcases… Discovery of the day: There’re no skill books in the library. Seriously? Well at least he printed some coupons…

How do you survive in the game, when there’s no crafting system? Well, there’s a junkyard! See, we’re not that bad, we scored a very good looking sofa. Toussaint is not impressed again. Hey, bro, it’s vintage - very cool shit! Now we gotta invite our new hobo-friend to brag about it…or have a pillow fight…

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