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"Are you alright?"


"Hey…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it like…damn, we both know, I did."

"It’s ok, I’m the one who should be sorry. I should’ve known better…"

"You can’t tell your heart what to do…"

"I should have…"

"So…what’s going on here? Who from you two is dating Letty?"

"Ahm…did you get more simple question in stock?"

"Aha! So both of you in love with her, am I right?"


"What’s the problem then?"

"What do ypu mean ‘what’s the problem’!? We can’t date her together!"

"Why? Sounds like a great option to me."

"Ahm…because that’s weird…"

"Everything is weird, honey."

"But…I don’t even like that guy!"

"You don’t have to, but it’s not like you need to bang him, you know…"

"Yes, but he’s going to bang my woman!"

"Huh, and who didn’t? You know how old Letty is? And tryst me, she’ve never been a nun."

Alan Martinez for bonnypixels. I hope he looks like the way you wanted, if no I can try one more time =)

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It’s always such a pain to catch that badass looking moment, when you do an instant kill…

Was in the mood to play Skyrim, so have some pictures… That dude (left one on the last picture) is her companion, who always walks around with that incredibly grumpy face.

Odette: Alright, boys! Slow down and tell me what the hell is going on here!

Ernest: He wanted to kill my wife, that’s why she run off with a baby! 

Beau: Your wife run off because you’re a fucking monster!

Ernest: I gonna kick the shit out of you! 

Beau: Huh, you wish! I gonna kill you first!

Odette: If you kill each other, I’ll bury you both in a backyard in one grave!!! Together - forever!



Odette: That’s better! Good boys! Now you.. *pointing at Beau* go with me, I think we really gotta have that ‘bees and flowers’ talk! And you… *pointing at Ernest* Go and make sure that your woman isn’t having a heart attack because of you!

Beau: We’re not finished here!

Odette: Then, I guess, I gotta go get that shovel…

Beau: *quickly pacing towards the kitchen*

Ernest: How dare you showing up here after what you’ve done!? Because of you my wife is gone with my child!

Beau: Should I remind you that you wanted to kill her!? And you wanted to do it with MY hands!

Ernest: I have no idea what you’re talking about, you moron!

Beau: Really? So you’re trying to say that it wasn’t you, who talked Lust into giving me the suggestion to go and murder her!? Bullshit! I don’t believe it!

Ernest: What the hell!? You wanted to kill my kid!? You son of a bitch!!!

Odette: Smells like drama…

Alice: Can we do the betting on them? I think daddy Ernest gonna kick his ass!

Colette: Are you for real?

Alice: What!? Odette always plays bets when her boyfriends fight…

Colette: They’re going to kill each other! Do something!

Odette: Why it’s always me, who have to solve all the problems?

Colette: Because you’re the one who makes them! So you go and stop them, now!

So, since it’s always a monarchy in all of my stories-worlds, I figures I need some type of a royal like place. I really don’t feel like building an entire palace, so I figured, I’ll just make a small community lot instead and decorate it in style…

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My latest cross-stitch project is finally done and framed. Ignore the weird shadows around the edge, that’s because the picture is behind the glass. But yeah…that’s what I do with my free time, when I’m not playing video games…

Colette: Odette, darling!? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Amsterdam…

Odette: Don’t even ask…

Alice: I told you! We should’ve called her!

Ernest: Wait a second…what is HE doing here!?

Beaumont: And what are you doing HERE!?

Odette: Did I missed something important!? 

Colette: Just shut up!

Alice: Wow! Two daddies at once!

Ernest and Beau (together): Daddies!?

Odette: I told you, it’s a family reunion!

Colette: Slow down, everyone, would you!?

*doorbell rings*

"Shouldn’t we go open the door?"

"Screw them… Let’s pretend no one’s home."

"But what if it’s important?"

"I don’t remember ordering pizza and everyone else can go to hell."

"C’mon, baby… What if it’s my dad? And we got a whole lifetime ahead of us, didn’t you just said that yourself few minutes ago?"

"But it doesn’t mean that we should waste it…"

"Don’t be so dramatic. I’ll be right back."